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Basketball camp


1 on 1 training is available with Pillars Basketball based on availability of courts and time in the desired trainers schedule. Any player that trains with Pillars Basketball will be given an opportunity to see tangible, real results. The first 1-1 session will be both an evaluation of the players basketball skills as well as a discussion of what the players goals are for their basketball career and their life. Setting these goals early and revisiting them often is fundamental to success within Pillars Basketball training. From there each player will receive personalized instruction during the training time as well as individualized workouts for the players off time. Players can also just purchase workouts created by Pillars Basketball trainers. The final 1-1 Product offered is film study via Zoom. These sessions can include film of the player themselves, film of games to look at decision making and team concepts, or film of specific players or skills to work on in future workouts.


Pillars Basketball small group training will include all the services offered for 1-1 training but with other players. Even players who mostly training 1-1 will be put into small groups from time to time to work on more game like competitive scenarios. Small groups can also purchase personalized workouts and there can also be small group film sessions.


Camp Info For Younger Kids ages 8-12:

A Pillars Basketball camp will seek to inspire passion in young players. Camps for younger players will focus on creating fun basketball scenarios that teach correct movement patterns and fundamental basketball skills. Specifically these camps will focus on the basketball skills of; form shooting, basic ball handling and passing skills, and basic fundamentals of man to man defense. These skills will be reinforced through a variety of drill and game situations. These Pillars camps will also encourage and empower players to continue getting better by using drills that are easily continued at home! Besides basketball skills, players will be introduced to correct basic movement patterns and exercises that will improve their basketball specific and overall athleticism. They will gain knowledge of warmup, high intensity, and cool down exercises and stretches that will help them throughout their athletic careers. Finally, a Pillars Basketball camp will seek to inspire a joy for continuing with their basketball careers as well as showing campers the work ethic it takes to push their passions to the next level.

Camp Info for Older Kids Ages 13-18:

Pillars Basketball camps for older players will seek to build on skills already possessed by players and really seek to show players how to build on those skills and use them in game scenarios. These Pillars camps will feature the same basic fundamentals as a camp for younger players but will build on the fundamental skills and provide new challenges and opportunities for players to grow their skills.These Pillars camps will also put players in more competitive game-like scenarios including full court 5-5 to work on decision making and team concepts. Players will also be given more individual instruction regarding their shot, goals for their basketball career, and other basketball skills.